Thursday, 17 March 2011

How can the government do that ?

Sir ,as a citizen and part of of the democratic process of this country , I remained quiet for a month so that the government could rectify the huge budget cuts on the higher Education Commission .It is saddening to see the shrinkage of HEC budget by 30 percent compared to last year .Higher Education is not a luxury it’s a desperate attempt to save this country with highly skilled and capable work force .It hast been probably the only department associated with the government for years that most people will agree especially the students has worked for development and betterment of Pakistan . I have been a fan of Doctor Sohail Naqvi and his work but it is saddening to see that for one month he has not been able to convince the government of the suicidal impact the reduction of funds will have . It is my heart plea to the government that don’t destroy the upcoming youth of Pakistan and Relocate the funds of HEC . We all know it is the only department that they cant make money of . My plea to President Zardari is to look beyond your own son in oxford and look at the common populace of this country and relocate the necessary funding so that universities in Pakistan survive and reach higher Standards .

Pakistann Zindabad

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