Thursday, 17 March 2011

I am not a natural writer

I am not a natural writer . I only write in emotions . But lately I have been so numb to everything in my country that emotions have faded in to the darkness. I used to be different , I used to be enthusiastic about politics . I used to criticize the current government at every wrong doing , But now I don’t , I just stand by and watch what more can they  give us.

AS a nation I guess we all are suffering from the numbing phenomena lead by the PPP government s. The jokes on the television channels are no longer funny . Load Shedding is a reality and now it doesn’t even worry me the fact that KESC is responsible .
I guess we have accepted reality, with no hope in sight and no way out and vision of the dark night to never end . And now Taseer’s death . Do I really care he died .Honestly I don’t . Had it been few years back I would have said that a corrupt politician dead , Frankly now I don’t care , If he goes another comes . The home the optimism that was revived in Musharraf’s time is now dead.

Where the youth looks to Imran Khan ??? . Many political analysts believe he is the next prime minister and will be a revelation in the next elections . I have been a huge supporter of Imran khan , But now he is not even able to motivate me . He feels like an iidealstic person with no hope frankly . He will never win the landlord politics that has taken this country during these 63 years .

Optimism may have been revived during flood s but now its dead .. The nation is dead because the leader is not here . We are like headless chicken with no direction no innovation  and frankly no hope . The rich live in the illusion of their bubble world and the poor has no hope or aspirations . Can this country find Ambanis or Bill gates in this way .there is no determination in this youth that the so called writers look at . I wonder if
this article is even going to be published now . That is how insecure I am .

When Sherbano taseer is given heed by the media when fathima bhutto’s pieces are referred by ever journalist in the country why are my political opinion not even published . I resemble the dead nation  in a dead country filled with impossibilities and negativity . The shades of grey will never be shown to the world when we only talk about extremist or highly liberals. I support the death of Taseer not on the fact that he may disrespect the Holy Prophet but due to his corruption and incompetent governance he deserves to die because frankly there is no second option . 

Pakistan Zindabad

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