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Bewildered by my own courage and self determination I hereby, in all my senses and perfect state of mind I start this web blog, or in reality open declaration of my emotions .If any one has any problem with this blog he has every right to disagree or argue with me ,but I should tell you that I am determined to keep writing this blog until or unless the actions of the so called democratically elected government of Pakistan changes . I will be the happiest person on this planet if they prove me wrong. I am fully aware of the consequences I can face via the cyber crime acts, but I would like to make it very clear that according to me saying truth or spreading the truth is not a crime and thus non punishable . I wouldn’t mind going to jail for trying to protect my beloved country
I am not scared of the government or the FIA as I have done nothing wrong in my book , but the reason I am not mentioning my name is because I want people to read my message instead of making my personality famous .. I AM THE VOICE OF 160 MILLION PAKISTANIS OPPRESSED BY SO CALLED DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT.
Pakistan Zindabad …


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And the lights go numb

Taxation Suggestions

I have few suggestions regarding taxation in pakistan,

1. Decrease tax evasion by :
Access to five Star hotels , Resorts , Major Properties may only be given to people with Verified NT. Baharia Town , DHA etc . FBR should launch Audit of individuals and should provide everyone with NTN Card ( especially for high net worth individuals) - These Cards should give them fast access to visas etc. How to arrest the tax evaders? No one should be allowed to go to Umrah or Hajj till they have a valid NTN . I know this is drastic but we need drastic measures . Everyone needs to apply for NTN when going to Umrah or haj. this will update their record. They need to disclose their bank accounts and properties etc for Umrah or Hajj application.Anyone going abroad on immigration should have a through check / Audit from third parties regarding his properties and impending taxes etc before he is allowed to leave Pakistan.All business class travelers on local routes will need to have a green ch…

My Mother, I died ...

My mother I died , I died today with all my aspirations and belief and hope , I died today with a change in sight, I died today for you mom , I died today for Quaid, I died for those 180 million that didn’t care about me and I died because for me it was not a matter of their safety , their betterment, but only yours mom. Mom , I live in every city , in every district , in every village of yours.
Mom, I am the common man, the common soldier , the common teacher , the common blue collar employee , the common white collared employee , the common kissan, the common business man. There is only one thing common in all of us and that is common. We are all common and common is our love for you. Mom , you may think that your more outspoken sons are your true representatives , you may think those loud mouthed separatist are from your womb , you may think you nursed all the terrorists , you may think you changed the diapers of all those corrupt individuals , and you may think that you called th…