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Jinnah Where Are You ??

I look around my country and see Benazir International Airport, Benazir Income support, Benazir this and that, Every thing has been renamed to place Benazirs name . well I guess I am thinking of not renewing my ID card cause if these people stay in power I may see the name change of Pakistan to Benaziristan , so why waste 50 rupees on renewing it .

Well don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Benazir . She is dead and is not responsible for this , but I don’t worship Benazir . She was the most curropt female politicians, we have all seen kamran khans show revealing about Benazir, sponsored by Nawaz Sharif obviously . the truth is Benazir was never the Messiah , she is projected by the Democratically elected government of Pakistan . A person with devious character , America s agent who returned to Pakistan to bring the name of democracy back , to the 160 million people who had witnessed the worst 10 years of Pakistan during 1988- 1998 . the only good thing that happened during this time was Pakistan ‘s declaration as the nuclear power to the world , and yes MR NAWAZ SHARIFF can take a bow for this , Although he had nothing to do in it .In a night , we witnessed the revelation of the nuclear genius , Dr.Abdul Qadir khan . Qadir khan , regarded as the hero of Pakistan and is in the league of Imran Khan, Rashid Minhas and Wasim Akram . Mrs Bhutto on the other hand failed to understand this and to appeal to the westerners stated she will give our national hero for interrogation. That’s the day I decided that I can never agree with Mrs. Bhutto.

However this topic is not about Mrs Bhutto or her devious behavior or her inclination towards America . She is not the issue, the problem is aftermath of her death . Mrs. Bhutto passed away a couple of years ago, but the consequences could still be seen and heard . Democracy has always been the worst revenge , but I never thought it will take revenge from our beloved Quaids . I see every day , the parliamentarian bragging about their relations with Mrs. Bhutto but has any one referred to quaid in a month , none of them has . Even Benazir’s biggest foe MR . Altaf Hussain , has forgotten the execution of his henchmen by Pakistani army on Bhutto’s order .

But if it would have left to the name of quaid , I would not have started this blog , these guys have done all they can to reduce quaids influence from the media and all events . Most trophies and awards named on Quaid and Allama Iqbal have been replaced by the name of the queen of democracy BB . Recent reports by Geo , of removal of quaids pics from the presidents house has placed salt on my wounds and thus Pakistan’s . What are we heading for ? A country whose currency will have a corrupt persons face . If that’s the case the Raja Pervez Ashrafs comment that “awaam choor hain” are of no significance , cause the rupee note has a picture of a alleged corrupt person . It hurts to see the new generation forgetting about our beloved quaid and remembering democracy king and queen .

Well one positive thing that has emerged from this is that at least quaid –e – Azam can turn his back or hide in the presidents house while we witness the stone age of Pakistan .Its good Jinnah sahib can cry without his tears being seen in the photos . All we can do is to cry in front of this 15 by 12 screen in front of us ..



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