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A stupid mediocre student’s view on Power Sector and Solutions

So , Energy crisis plummeting Electricity price , declining industries and loss of Jobs , that is what’s happening in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan  apart from terrorism , inflating prices of consumer products and the brawl between the government and opposition. I am an engineering student, not very good one tough, at least my GPA is a testament of that but I am deeply concerned for my country and the crisis it faces. The first and probably the biggest crises after terrorism of course are Electricity shortage and its high rates. If any one would have asked me 6 -7 years back about load shedding and electricity costs I may have again abused KESC but its now u realize how bad things can get. Three hours of load shedding is a norm in cities of Pakistan and the incompetent minister of water and electricity incompetent and grammatically and logically incorrect and inappropriate comments are rubbing salts on my and the 170 million helpless Pakistani’s wounds.

Well let’s look for solutions. The fist solution is to change the current minister .A ministry of such high importance and requirement needs a person who has at least 10 -15 years experience in the respective field and may have had a leadership role at a big organization at least. This is the norm for any high positions or post at any reputable organization then why don’t the ministries of Pakistan government follow that. Now for actual solutions ,its time government of Pakistan scrap Benazir income (charity ) support programme which is making each and everyone of us feel needy  and inverst the amount in power sector .At the high prices that the power sector is selling power these days the recovery of investment would take less then 5 -6 years . It’s important that the government invest at the right place as well. There is no need for any more thermal projects just because your friends can earn from them .Its time to produce free and cheap electricity. The government should urgently invest Nuclear Projects whose feasibility report has been completed. Its necessary to compete KANUPP 2 and 3 as well as planned CHASNUPP 2, 3, 4 be completed at record times.

Moreover new plants should be commissioned and planned for better future. The government should look to the neglected wind energy and use the vast barren land of Thar Balauchistan and the conventional currents at the shore to its advantage .Wind Mills can be easily made in Pakistan with the aluminum , steel , generators etc manufacturers joining hands for the development of this country .And then there is the obvious solution of Coal ,How stupid a person has to be to import fuel for its country when he is sitting on millions of metric tones of coal .Coal could be the black gold of Pakistan . Its important government does put its full dedication in coal extraction and gasification which can lead to coal being used as fuel and substituting the use of natural gas as well in the industries.
Moreover micro hydel plants in the Gilgit Baltistan and Fata region could be a highly viable and low investment source for free electricity for adjoining areas at least. It’s important for Pakistan to build new dams and renovate older ones no matter how harsh or radical the construction of dam may be. A leader is one who takes the radical and unfavorable decisions for the overall and long-term prosperity of the nation
An out of the box solution may be tidal energy, which is not highly implemented in the world. It’s unlikely that the government may take this risk but the shore of Pakistan could be an ideal site for a barrage constriction as well as portable small scale tidal generators. The government should also look at the feasibility of the recently developed 5 MW wind turbines (the largest in the world) by REpower in deep waters of Arabian Sea.
Bio fuel could be made from the waste of the metropolises and large cities like Karachi Lahore and Rawalpindi. This fuel can substitute for oil in the current thermal plants till the alternate energy is fully developed. It’s important as well that electric cars and motorcycles are promoted and introduced and taxation on import on diesel and petrol fueled cars increased.
A long term and high investment solution will be to install solar panels in Thar and Balauchistan as well as looking at geothermal power sources in Pakistan.
Well as for the Benazir income support program that I asked to be shelved at start. The government could instead give away shares of these plants and generation plants for honorable earnings for them rather then giving them charity. A stupid low GPA Student like me could think of all these solutions in my free time then what is raja Pervez Ashraf doing.


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