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Why my articles are not heard ??

Well a young teenager with hope and optimism and very strong opinions and a genuine love for country was me about two three years ago .. I wrote a zillion articles on politics and Pakistan’s social condition but of no use . Obviously an optimistic then , I emailed to every newspapers email id I got hold of on the world wide web .  I admit I don’t know much about English grammar or proper sentence structure but so doesn’t the 150 million remaining souls in Pakistan . I attempt to write simply and effectively. It was not my language it was my opinion that was the center of all debacle.

I wonder now where was I wrong . My articles were antigovernment so are most kowasjee’s articles as well (Just to clarify ,I do respect sir kowasjee a lot ) and all other anchorperson s cum writers or vice versa . So maybe content wasn’t even a problem .Me calling Benazir a thief and refraining from using the word Shaheed for her  should n’t have been difficult for the free Pakistani media to publish . Or is it a norm in our media to refer to Benazir as the Shaheed she is projected by the democratically elected political Party .  Does the media actually think that apart from the die hard supporter or beneficiaries of the Bhutto period of disasters think she is was the  national hero people make her . Don’t get me started on the Pakistani media specially geo television it’s a long story , so I will refrain from it .

The biggest problem that I think is my name . I was not born a taseer , Bhutto or Shariff , neither do I have a famous father who is destroying the country in to shreds and creating divisions in the Pak Land. Neither do I form part of the current youth who love to write about love , relationships , give music and movie reviews , write about the hot and happening places in the metropolises . I am different from all of them I am 20 and I write about politics and I write harshly . So did Fatima Bhutto but Her articles are published. Sherbano taseer articles are loved and adored by the western media who depict as a liberal voice in Pakistan . I am the voice of the common man , I write reality but I guess the publications in this country don’t consider me one or they turn their attention to only the highly liberals and elite or extremist
 In the end , I wont stop writing , I am now going to write an article about the recent event and try again and again , because that’s the only way  I can express my opinion . So hail to the 16 by 12 screen in front of me . My keyboard and I have just got started .


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