Wednesday, 25 May 2011

We are a horrible Nation

The greatness of being Pakistani has always be en an illusion to me but now more so then ever I reaffirm my belief. We are just baseless claims of one nation.  We never are, never were and never ever will be one. The gravity of our situation is completely transparent in recent times. The gang rape of sovereignty of this land and the result is not even a single proper protest. When ANP (Pathans) could rattle on and on about the life and death situation due to target killing in Karachi while this spearhead of an event seems invisible to them. Lets not forget the black beast, millions attend his concerts where was his protest . Imran tried and like always failed and the rest are so impervious that I wont bother to comment on them. 

Where is that Lahore Resolution nation, a nation whose belief states “ La Illah ha Ill Allah “ , a nation who believed in sovereignty and not bowing down to any one . That nation is nowhere to be found and nowhere to be seen while on its death bed Pakistan still hopes for a miracle.

Maybe the silent youth may rise up, But then whom am I kidding .The girlfriend – boy friend , sms’s and money hungry youth would bring a change . Really, are u so lament that you believe that .Change is brought by people like Liaqat Ali Khan, Rashid Minhas and sadly they are not even considered as proper heroes in Pakistan while we look to worship the ones buried at nodero . 

A nation with an identity crises is our biggest pinnacle of an achievement. Maybe Quaid in his after life , would be still thinking of where he went wrong , while Iqbal consoles him halfheartedly  disappointed at its own creation . As some one in an Hollywood movie said 

“ May be god sits in heaven because he is scared of what he has created “

I guess the same is true for Quaid and Iqbal , both left as early as possible to avoid their suffering .They are horrified  seeing the current nation with nothing in common except cricket . Don’t mind my improper grammatical structure , Just like the rest of the youth of this country I am least concerned so I don’t want to recheck my grammar.

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