Sunday, 17 July 2011

"Bhookay Nangay Muhajir "

Those three words “ Bhookay Nangay Muhajir “ , may seem insignificant to many but for me it’s taking the politics to new level of change and despair . For years I had been promoting the idea of one nation and negation of sindhi Punjabi baluchi pathan and muhajir culture. Yet now I myself reconsider as a senior political leader hurt my feelings and somehow I am aligned towards an ethnic party.
The dilemma I face is what many educated karachiites now face. Are we really thought of as Bhhokay Nangay Muhajir . I thought I was a Pakistani , and a son of this soil where I belonged .All my negations of my mother’s wishes to visit India now seem unjustified to me . I had quarreled with my family for not speaking Gujrati and promotion of our national language. A constant supporter of the one nation theory I weep now in tears at the current situations and how I myself am part of the racial discrimination. My previous pieces are now in true contrast to this.

I am not a Muhajiir then why am I hurt , why am I feeling the pain . I was born and raised in Karachi and till now was anti MQM yet still It offended me. It’s not the first time that Altaf Hussain was claimed to be a thug, Imran khan had done that way back yet still he survives without violence. But this time it’s different, many people look at it as insult to Altaf Hussain but in reality it’s a rift between Muhajirs and Sindhi’s. Maybe Zulfiqar Mirza wanted to play the Sindhi card at Shahi Syeds house to galvanize his party’s situations in Sindh where Jialays think of him as a hero yet still he fails to realize how much harm he has caused to a country just by these three words. In Just three words he made sure that every claim by Altaf down the line became justified instantly. With many non-nationalist people now aligning themselves towards an ethnic party, and there is only one person to blame Zulfiqar.

To all those who doubt the credentials of Altaf hussain, should accept one reality that he is the only political leader alive that can motivate the masses. Millions worship him for his motivational qualities and not his criminal activities. Many feudal politicians may have underestimated the political leadership of Altaf Hussain but trust me he can take this country to another direction and play the ethnicity card way way better. And unfortunately that’s not a good thing. We don’t expect compassion from Altaf, he has built an empire of politics of ethnic basis, yet still this country looks to him for hope and compassion. Only time will tell the plans of MQM and their Quaid-e-Tehreek.

It is unfortunate for Karachi to witness deaths of more than 100 people in 5 days. The scorecard triggers as I type and I just wait and watch. It’s shocking to me that I have lost the credentials that I always wanted to fight for. If an educated youth could fall in to this ethnical fire than how do you expect the illiterates not to with fire raging on both sides. Zulfiqar Mirza doesn’t realize but he has helped the cause of another province and his body may not be able to stop it. Ironically, it’s the same Party and the same name that once separated The Eastern Wing of Pakistan and now maybe the southern Part.

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