Tuesday, 23 August 2011

1000 died

A thousand are dead and many to follow as we open those rugged Boris with corpses mutilated abused and ridiculed. Yes karachi is burning not for the first and certainly not the last, but this time stakes are much higher , this time numbers are higher and most importantly a paradoxical situation has prevailed. Someone told me the most difficult decision is to select the less evil from a group of evils and i guess this saying fits best with the situation in karachi.

So, Ground reality , 3years of political games have lead to this scenario. Close ally's yet enemies on ground , the PPP - MQM battle has taken years in making. Its like a well worked wrestling storyline , where they can win all the tag team titles but when its time to lock horns, the heel turn is eminent. But why do we suffer , i ask , why does the common man have to take the burdon of Janazah's on his weak shoulders. Why a mother has to go through the torture of loosing his only bread winner and son. Why does a fiancee has to go through the torture of Iddat when she didnt even got married, and why does a wife wonders why it wasnt meant to be .

It was year 1992 when operations initiated by Benazir Bhutto, tried to decrease the power of the MQM. though successful , these operations only legitimized the claims of altaf , the victim in these operations. And from a heel mqm turned face in the process. with unprecedented wins in the next two elections , The Peoples Champion MQM marched on to claim the higher stake in the economic hub of Pakistan and this didn't please the dying PPP in karachi. MQM had more force by 2007 and more power with the stable of Musharraf. But then suddenly, things changed and a return of the fallen angel and subsequently her death strengthened the dying position of PPP. Though still not successful , PPP's change in to Thug based politics dangered the MQM as their forte was in danger and thus the game of tom and jerry started. With numbers churning on both sides. To make the situation more complex , a rookie entered the hemisphere with huge support and a bigger arsenal. The Anp - PPP association threatened the peoples champ and thus situation became complex.

This wrestling storyline has accomplished alot for both the parties involved tough. A dwindling PPP in karachi can still rely on Lyari vote bank to vote for Bilawal 'the savior'. For ANP their major stake will be visible in the next elections , when their dominance would prevail and they will take over the title of Peoples champ . For the ailing Peoples champ MQM things do look bleak with their backstage antics being exposed to the people with the number of cases and target killers associations increasing. The loyals are starting to rethink tough. However the ethnic card ,tough played by both PPP and ANP magnificently could never compete with the ability of the real ethnic champion ALTAF , only time will tell how he will change this landsliding situation to a victory. As of now things do look bleak for MQM and the common man of Pakistan. this feud has only just started and MQM wont bow down without a fight .So cheers to the next year with a higher toll number as the common man will not rise against the ethnic dominated societies he is being associated with.

* a heel is a negative character
* a face is a positive character


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  3. 1000 died Uuuuuf my God please help us......