Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Letter to GOD

And I move in midst with hope and optimism. The bus is on time and it’s not completely filled, hopefully I will be able to sit. As I jump in to the bus and located the nearest vacant seat available. After a hard day of work, I at least deserve this joy and I rushed towards is.  As I tried to find to find the comfortable point in the not so comfortable seat the bus came to a screeching halt. And an old man entered in midst of the conductors persuasion to hurry up. His sad gloomy eyes scoped the bus for some sort of sitting place but with no luck. Yes , I had done a lot of work today so why not more exercise , I stood up from my seat to make way for the elder in the hope of  maybe his prayers could galvanize my poor financial situation .

Today was a good day for me, I at last made 1000 rupees today by tips. A young father was very helpful to this contribution and I prayed for the wellbeing of his 1 month old son. Standing in the bus I started planning how if I can earn this sort of money each day, and how will I start my own business, help my sisters get married  and yes  the cousin I was so fond of needed a life partner in me as well. A small smile appeared on my face and I thought why I don’t stop at the earlier stop for daily items that mother had been longing for a long time.

I smiled at Rahim chacha at his pan house; he had been huge help after Papa’s death. Tough prices had plummeted since the last time I bought some food items , but all seem insignificant to me, as Allah had bestowed his blessings in the form of money to me.  Ahmed the driver and one of my best friend invited me over for chit chat.

Ahmed had just returned from swat and had a lot to talk about. He reassured that he will return the money I lent him before he left for swat and I couldn’t feel more humiliated. Our brotherhood was much deeper than money and I scolded him for his shortsightedness. Ahmed invited me over for tea at his chacha’s place. The parathas were just amazing. I was getting late so I apologized to ahmed and reassured that we will meet later. But he took none of it and insisted to drop me home on his uncles bike. I couldn’t refuse and we lingered on towards our destination.

On the way we saw an attractive chick clad in duppatta and we appreciated the view. As we were both appreciating the view I heard some voices. Thee men all on bikes were rushing towards us. All I can remember is sounds of bullets and both me and ahmed on ground looking in to each others eyes and reliving all our dreams in our eyes. My cuzin , mother, sister , business everything just glanced by my eyes . I guess same was the case for ahmed as well.

This story was meant to ask you Allah, what was my fault , what was ahmeds fault , yes we stared at the girl but we never meant anything wrong. We just did a minor mistake and such a big punishment . We both were good muslims , we never believed in the difference betweed different races , we belived all human biengs as equal in your eyes . We were good to our parents . We never stole , never  hurt anyone , yet still I am infront of you pleading my case which should have been pleaded by my nation , my people , My Pakistanis .Today I ask you what will happen to my family who are left without any bread winner. Will you be happy to see my bother begging for Zakat this Ramazan, and my sisters incomplete education and marriage to someone who doesn’t deserve her . I plead Ahmeds case infront of you because he is a typical Pakistani who shies away from standing up for himself

Your Creation

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