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My Nation

This world needs change, this world needs hope, maybe a messiah I guess. Islam , Christianity , Judism and almost all the major religions in the world have stressed on the importance of the messiah and we therefore rest assure our selves to the ‘calm reality’ in hope of the messiah’s dawn. The common man is never the revolutionist, he is never the instigator, ‘hell NO’ he is not even a fighter and yet still the Burden is gushed down his throat all the time. His concerns have only been the physical aspects, he doesn’t care who rules him and how he is ruled till he sees the other alternative. The other tried and tested approach is the only thing he will rise for. Maybe some critics would criticize me for my shortsightedness, denial of the famous French revolution or even distortion of reality , but in my opinion this holds true especially in the case of Pakistan .

As I gaze in front of me and appreciate the blue skies pouring down with rain and somehow optimism.
Karachi looks beautiful yet still the harsh reality hides beneath the glorified weather. We are a dead nation and we need to first admit it. We are an impotent nation with no vision , no aim , no unity. Our loathing of Zardari is fairly obvious yet still our impervious attitude has always bemused me . The common man doesn’t give a rats ass to imran’s Dharna , to judicial orders implementation or to even the  Huge chunks of Corruption cases piling up. They only care about their one time food.

Honestly speaking we don’t have a good history of rising up as well, whether it be the British or even that religious innovator Akbar. Our history has various instances of revolution and movements yet none of them were mass motivated whether it be the Deoband movement, Khilafat movement or even the Pakistan movement for that matter. Yes 10 lac people migrated, but what about the remaining populace in india . The irony is that we fail to realize it, this sleeping mob that we are , will always be motivated by individual gains rather than a national gain.

However , 3 days down the road we will shout with our hearts out and suddenly remember all the national anthems. Politics will be for Pakistan for one day only and then normalcy will persevere, with the common man back in to his self-centered life and the political leaders to corruption and promotional of national interest to enhance a specific vote bank.

The ridicule of an imran’s supporter regarding his opinions on revolution are justified, yet before criticizing that individual , atleast he forfeited his playstation duties for a day to go for a revolution and we on the other hand opt to curse, ridicule and then go back to our work. Maybe its not our fault even when every second devious individual is reinforced as a national hero and treasure. Would an upcoming revolutionary national hero want to share his fame with Benazir or Salman Taseer ???


  1. That stronghold is my nation not Pakistan”....


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