Tuesday, 13 September 2011

He is the only Pakistani I know

The world will never see the other side, the other opinion and the cult will remain a cult. My country suffers and weeps while my impotency haunts me. What are we?? Just baseless claims of a single nation, Just baseless claims of unity and brotherhood and just baseless claims of humanity. With Ethnical issues widespread and talks of newer additions of provinces or even new states distresses the Pakistani in me.
Living in the backlash of months of ethnic violence, Gang rapes, terrorism , suicide bombing , drones , dwindling economy , power shortage, political games etc. , Pakistanis have to go through mental torture each day . Maybe God is testing us but then again it is Allah who states that the world is a heaven for the unbelievers and unbelievers we are.

Are we really Muslims or are we really humans for that matter? . Recently a girl was gang raped and committed suicide due to the pressure of society.  Ethnic killings wide spread with our silent approval. And we are demanding lands in the Islamic republic for our own ethnicities, thus creating borders and divide. When the Prophet himself stated in the last  Sermon that no Arabi is Better than a non-Arab and vice versa , it is us so called Muslim Pakistanis who love to pronounce how awesome the Pushtuns are , How loyal the Punjabis are , How dedicated the Baluchis are and how intellectual the Muhajirs(as we call them ) are .

Maybe Religious people would be in  better state but my optimism was very short lived when a famous mosque in Karachi was fighting about which ethnicity the next head will be. It is the religious people who love to count the disastrous effects of having a specific ethnicity aalim in the mosque would never comment on the amount of Gang Rapes , Karo Kari , and female infant killing. And the youtube video claiming the so called Muhajirs as non Muslims by a mosque just rubs salts to my wounds.

Being a Muslim is a long road ahead for us , we are not even humans .  With 2000 dying in Karachi each year, and no change in sight , how can the resident of the city of light claim humanity when he himself has been part of the ethnic divide ( I was as well ). With Karo kari being called an integral cultural part , how can a Pakistani call himself a human for that matter rather than calling him a muslim. Our society is full of evil and claims of us being the greatest nation in the world is just our delusion.

After this blog there will be many who would comment that how much humans and Pakistaani’s they are . I  just ask them have they not made fun of memons or pathans , have they not remain silent when they hear a gang rape story , Have they not voted for any ethnically motivated party (PPP , ANP  , MQM ,and PML N/Q) , Don’t they have any prejeduce against a specific ethnicity or sect , Don’t they discriminate while hiring a maid or drive , Don’t they believe in the stereotypes of one specific ethnicity and Don’t they consider their specific ethnicity free from all evils and one with a proud history.  I don’t think many will be able to negate all these claims and if there is someone who can then he is the only Pakistani I Know …..

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  1. He is the only Pakistani I know....... if we are in abroad country so i feel very happy to meet our nationals but in our home land our feel very badly to meet pakistanies that is very bad concept.