Saturday, 10 September 2011


As I write in hope and despair with disillusioned memory and eyes filled with tears, I realize I don’t have anything to write about.  This country has gone through great travails and trouble in the last few years and now maybe there is no point writing about them . Pakistan is a multifarious state with new stories emerging every day , now whether it be target killing or minority attacks or personification of the so called shaheeds or whether it be the Apple or Banana Issue, but recently none of them have captivate my mind.

My heart is now immune to all this, and may be the anger inside me is wipe washed by disappointment and the abysmal prevailing situation. But a few days ago I came across an article which rekindled that fire and reignited the  anger  which was now stronger than ever. Ironically for the first time it wasn’t due to the political parties, but it was due to the common man of Pakistan. As I write this article, I feel ashamed to call me a Pakistani and a Muslim for that matter of fact.
On August 8 , 2011  a teen aged girl was gang raped by three youths after being abducted from her house in a small village called Degwal. Well if that wasn’t enough for that poor lad, she had to go through the ordeal of women in her community calling her impure and damaged. She had to hear the taunt of defaming her family and bring shame to them.  It is impossible to imagine the ordeal the poor girl had to go through before she decided to commit the unthinkable sin. She set herself on fire and ended her nightmare. (

This was a very moving and emotional story for me , I thank the newspaper for publishing it. However, this story suffered the same fate as other gang rape and landlord stories and was subsided by Shahbaz Taseer , Zulfiqar Mirza , and obviously the minority issues.  When news anchors could blab on about Shahbaz Taseer and Religious fanaticism, Minority Rights, and obviously the Rehman Malik and Zulfiqar Mirza love story this story didn’t stack up a chance maybe because it couldn’t generate the required TRP. Apart from one single story cover this ordeal seem nonexistent on the world wide web and thus from the knowledge of the common man.

We are a horrible nation and blaming political parties or even landlords for this thing is not justified. The common man and the media doesn’t pay head to this torture and pain. It was not the gang rapist who killed that poor child but the women of the area who taunted her for being raped.Obviously , there will be fatwas condemning her act as haram. The promotion of Jamate Islamis stance on not publicly professing of being raped doesn’t help the cause either.

I am not an expert on this issue neither it’s the one I am highly knowledgeable about but what about those who earn a living from women rights. Those who work day and night to profess their love for Benazir and her pro women policies . I just wonder Where they are ,and isn’t their silence just promoting the cause. For those people living in the village of Degwal they deserve the rulers who have gang raped sovereignty in Pakistan because frankly they deserve much worse.

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  1. you realize its not simply death. ..... I think that anybody who tries to blame a suicide or murder on a song is a weak ... This song is not about murder/suicide.