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For my White Friend Reading ….

My eyes are numb, my mouth is shut and I weep with dried tears of what has befolded in front of these gloomy eyes. 24 dead yet still no remorse from an ally, a so called friend and accomplice in the war of terror , when we take opportunity day in day out to apologize for the 9/11 we weren’t even responsible for.
Yes , I am a Pakistani and no I am not a terrorist and no I am not responsible for the 3000 dead in the 9/11 attacks but you Americans to put it bluntly are responsible for the 35000 dead in Pakistan . A nation struggling with terrorism, ethnic violence, doesn’t  need it’s so called allies to push it against the wall when we long for peace that has strayed away since 2001 .
Corrupt government, Incompetent leaders opposition fall as dried leaves in an ocean filled with tears and no land or safety in sight for the common man in Pakistan. The depth of these nations’ atrocities cannot be imagined by the blondies looking in the white house. Those 24 soldiers’ dead were protecting those 1000 blondie soldiers on the other part of the border from the Mujahidins which I am sorry to say Nato you look to scared to face yourself.
For the nation enriched with poverty, illiteracy, Extremism , Karo Kari, Drone Attacks, Feudalism, Suicide Bombs an attack on its sovereignty is the last thing this cornered tiger needs . and those incompetent leaders just rubs salt on the tiger’s wounds with the words falling flat every time. Well, Yes they protested by closing the Nato lines but then what ??? More Money and Thus a license to kill the common Pakistani Soldier.
For those White people reading, I give you a warning, We have lost everything and this cornered tiger has nothing to loose . it has been silent for years but don’t poke it too much that it retaliates and the world pays back in red tears on both sides. Don’t Push me to be a terrorist , Stop killing the Pakistani Army .


  1. Anyone who has bothered to read my collection of satirical pieces entitled, 'Some of my best friends are white


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