Saturday, 5 November 2011

Not my Madr-e Jamooriat

I have been fast asleep, shrouded with assignments quizzes and presentation the student in me elevated me from the blogging activities that I had associated myself during the summer , but then as soon as I tried to close this chapter a strange thing happened . Madam Nusrat Bhutto died and somehow my county was in  mourning and I wondered at my alienation to this widespread remorse . The media buzzing with her last words , her famous speeches and her role in bringing back democracy from the dark holds of Zia ul Haq and her subsequent support and love for her flamboyant daughter, made me realize how hypocritical a nation we are .
With no of suicides , gang rapes and inflation increasing the center of attention is given to an 80 year old aunty who had been silent for 14 years after she witnessed one of the worst sibling rivalries of all time. Ms Bhutto’s contribution to paksitan cant be accounted in words since probably they are none and her own struggle for power and fame cannot be treated as a victory of democracy. With the whole nation taking a day off to acknowledge her departure from this life  I wonder at what our heroes have become and how media and the current ruling party imposes heroes on us .

A comparision with Rashid Minhas ,Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and Jinnah may leave Ms Bhutto awe struck but do we really care . Do we really care that we are being forced to worship a devious and unknown individuals when the sacrifices of our army and founding fathers being neglegted just because it is politically correct to love them .

I am sorry this blog is short and way to point but that’s just what I Believe . I am never calling Madre Jamoriat by her forced name and prefer to call her Nusrat , a commoner like me and you. If you wonder why I used the word Jinnah instead of Quaid , I will quote Jinnah’s answer for you

“I have lived as plain Mr. Jinnah and I hope to die as plain Mr. Jinnah. I am very much averse to any title or honours and I will be more than happy if there was no prefix to my name. “

Jinnah was unlike the current lot out there who would do anything to be called Shaheed or Madre whatever . Yet still , we nod our heads to one motto and thus one more reason for PPP to ask for votes
“Tum Kitne Bhutto Maaro gay …. Har Ghar say Bhutto Nikle Ga “


  1. بہت عمدہ تحریر ہے، ہمارے ملک میں نہ جانے کیوں یہ کلچر ہے کہ سیاست دان اپنے قائدین کو باوجود ان کی چوریوں کہ اپنا بھگوان مان لیتے ہیں، سارے جھوٹے اور بے ایمان لوگ ہیں،

  2. ji bilkul ya sub apnay khanay k chakker main apna emaan baij daitay hain allah tallah en ko aakal or shaoor day.