Friday, 11 November 2011

What is the biggest Sin?

As I skim past the headlines of the day , something interesting and scary cross my eyes and my anxiety level increases. As I read the story of disappearing bodies from a cementry in Karachi, my angst at this nation increases. Are we really muslims , are we even humans ?? . When we love to lambast Taliban America and Zardari day in day out at all the blogging mediums but what about this . We are all taciturn when talking about this heinous act. Yes , it may be controversial to say , but this is more evil than Taliban exploding a suicide bomb killing 100 , Zardari looting billions and a drone killing 100 .

When we love to pronounce our love for Islam and protecting Islam from infiltrations , this piece of news seems insignificant to many. Black magic, is one of the highest forms of shirk (yes I am talking about Islam and I am not an extremist for all the liberals reading) , not only by doing this , you deny the existence of God , but also try to show that your power is superior to the Almighty. Yet somehow , the Qadri supporters quietness in this matter seems to point out a nations hypocrisy . We love to protect Islam from all evils and yet the ultimate shirk in my eyes seems insignificant to these religious minded individuals.

I only ask one question why does a country whose name states Islamic Republic have these satanic worshippers roaming in our midst  and not only roaming but using their powers to infiltrate the mindset of the educated and illiterate equally. The populace actually believes in them more so than Allah and that’s the sad state of affairs in Pakistan. Witch doctors , Aalims ,Bangalis etc are a common sight and the millions are paid to them annually for evil purposes.

Yes we love to make fun of Aamir Liaquat and his Nazuk Suratehaal or Ghalib Dekhi hai , but he is one of the very few individuals who stood up against all these black and white magicians and did two shows on them at the economic centre of Karachi Saddar . A search at youtube would result in a documentary by a famous anchor highlighting the black magic and the famous rituals in Cemeteries, what more proof would one require to do action against these inhumane individuals.

 A nation with no hope , no optimism resorts to these activities and proud to pronounce how successful they have been for them. Its time the religious minded individuals start a war against these individuals since they challenge God , unlike a Prostitute , an alcoholic , who don’t obey Allah’s commandments.

A nation of shortcuts, we aspire for solutions with the shorter and easier way regardless of the implication on our eternal and current life.I am not a great muslim but atleast I have done my part by stopping evil by writing about it , are you willing to step up for Islam , rather than Mumtaz Qadri or Salman Taseer . So Taliban are you willing to fight in the name of Allah ???


  1. Black magic is worse than the murder of hundreds, even thousands, of innocents?

  2. I am not condoning killing of 1000 of innocent , I am just ranking evils
    If you want to start fighting evil in the name of Allah , start with these individuals who don't let you rest in peace after your death and do unimaginable acts with the corpses ranging from sex to cannibalism

  3. Someone one described the "Original Sin." Another described the "Seven Deadly Sins." Which one is worst and why ?