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And I am controversial

For days I have been in hunt for some idea , some motivation to write about but I remained numb. With the goal of mass appeal , apolitical , and non controversial article loaming in my mind I tried to write on any topic possible and whatever I wrote turned out to be  unsatisfactory. I was never able to achieve the satisfaction that I get by lambasting politicians through my blogs. But with rejections from major blogging forums due to my controversial stand point I tried to change my outlook.

How can one not be controversial , I wondered. Stating you are a muslim when one asks you what are you , is again controversial  , so are u supporting Taliban and not your own army ?? I wondered. Stating that you are a Pakistani first will give a stereotype of a person who is highly liberal and don’t me get started on those who state their ethnicity or sect first. 

It is difficult not to be controversial in the current scenario. Every truth we speak will be controversial . Stating Asif Zardari as an NRO beneficiary will be controversial. Stating the legitimate cases on Benazir will be controversial. Choosing any side on the laal Masjid issue will be controversial. Even supporting either the army’s stand or the governments stand on the Memo issue will land you in controversy.  Supporting Army is derogating the so called democratically elected government and paving way for dictatorship, Supporting the government on the other hand is allowing further gang rapes of the sovereignty of this Pak Land .

One may think Imran khan will be an exception in the controversy part, But lately things have changed in the K Camp. Supporting Imran khan and his vision of change tough still less controversial but are we willing to allow the tried and tested faces of Shah Mehmood, Azam Khan Swati who remained silent on all previous controversial issue . Some allowed the NRO, some allowed the Killings of innocents ,while some are from the same feudal mentality .

Even cricket is filled with controversy , Saying Misbah Ul Haq is the best captain Pakistan has ever seen based purely on stats is highly controversial , since many may argue in favor of Afridi and his spirit. Calling Altaf Hussain a thug , A mafia may not be highly controversial for those in Punjab but for those in Karachi , it may even be offensive , for them he is a savior protecting their interests . Saying that Bugti was a corrupt Individual who took money from the government for his own personal gain and not his people will again bring you in the controversy rador . Blaming Nawaz Sharif or Army for kargil will also do the same. 

And then the case of Salman Taseer and Qadri . Praising Qadri for his love for Prophet will land one in trouble but on the other hand are we really willing to alloy blasphemy on our Prophets name in our own country. Trying to fight for Ahmedi’s Human rights may seem fine to all of us , but are we still willing to give muslim status to one who doesn’t believe in the Prophet.

This article shouldn’t be controversial but sadly it is . I just mentioned the ground reality and it is controversial. Controversy is the beauty of difference of opinion, difference of approach , difference of view point. We all give controversial comments day in day out . Its sad major blogging Platforms don’t appreciate that .


  1. every think in the world controversial because you give the negative or positive remarks.........


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