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Karachi : A warrior with in

Weeping in shadows, drowning in drenching storm, I moved swiftly through the tornado , with one leg injured and a hand bleeding . The physical pain was too much to swallow . Shrouded with atrocities , deceit and lies , I move in midst alone and pray for a better day . Yet against all odds , I keep moving . Logic says I shouldn’t survive, but somehow I do  and I do because I am a Pakistani  and moreover a Karachiite.

I have been a believer of no discrimination of cities but somehow the charm of 'the city of lights' is too much for a Pakistani in me to create some special space for Karachi . Started as Kolachi , no one could have  imagined the monster this beast was destined to be and after a century , Karachi is one of the most populated cities in the world.

There is a special charm of large metropolises like Mumbai , Newyork , Tokyo etc  and Karachi is no exception . There is something special about this beast and that is quite difficult to find . Drenched in target killing , load shedding , Unemployment and poverty , it is difficult to find a positive of Karachi. One may seem the class difference widening more so in Karachi , higher inflation , lack of jobs , but as a true karachiite I can see a ray of hope in the abyss.

Karachi is not special on its own , Its awfull , its  pathetic but karachiites make it special and I am not talking about those infidels who party day in day out and spend all their parents hard earned corruption money on booze and girls . Neither am I talking about those artistically gifted people , who can blab on and on about the aesthetics of a certain painting . Neither am I talking about the couple dating at seaview or better Atrium now . No I am not talking about them . I am talking about that sad grim face that puts a stall in front of Zainab Market . Despite thin economic conditions ,the lads positive attitude is exemplary and despite all odds he still dreams of becoming the market leader in sales 

I am talking about that boy that goes to every car selling a rose , and will compliment on your (girl)friend and you will have to pay the necessary . Despite all hardship , that lad still has that shine in his eyes . He still hopes that one day he will drive that car. I am talking about a famous HalwaPuri vendor who raised 300 percent prices of halwa but is selling puri at loss so that the unfortunate can have some. He still sees them as his potential customers regardless of how tough it gets . I was talking about Edhi , who never understood the word no and kept on doing what he does best . His accomplishments are exemplary and his never say die attitude is unfound . I was talking about that guy who goes to NED/ Sir Syed / KU every day via bus and to pay all his expenses works at Anees Hussain or other coaching centers. 

I am talking about that kid from lyari who takes two busses to train with a professional club at 7 in the morning .  I am talking about that aunty who sells food for 3 rs in the metropolises. I am talking about that teacher in government school who still goes in day in day out , not caring weather his collegues will be there . I am talking about that massi that despite bullets raging from all corners leaves her house in Khuda ki Bastee and reaches Clifton , works her socks off and tries to earn enough money so that her children could eat. I am talking about that aalim that doesn’t take a single rupee to teach quran to hundreds of children every day. I am talking about that dhabey wala who is always in a mix of how much to raise his prices and how it will effect the common man . And I talk about that bun kubab wala that intelligently starts using smaller buns , smaller patties but makes sure that the price of one bunkabab remains the same.

Karachi is ugly but its common man is beautiful and its them which makes this city of light glow in the dark . The word city of light cant be iradicated by KESC, it’s the commoner of Karachi that makes it glow. Long live hope , long live the oppressed , inflation burdened common man of Karachi . Its only when u leave this city you realize its greatness....


  1. Thumbs up for this article!

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  3. it's the bumper city of Pakistan when this city is disturb me think no investment no selling no buying in other cities. ;)

  4. Karachi is the biggest city of pakistan... economic hub of pakistan if karachi grow it means pakistan growup ....


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