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Predictions for 2012

Ten Predictions for 2012 :
Pakistan is one of the most complicated places of the world , You can never contemplate when change is in the air and within seconds situations completely change .Whether it be the 1999 coup , Rise of the Chief Justice , Zia’s plane crash , one must wonder that the people of Pakistan has borne it all  but how wrong can we get. With the country looming in major crises, I would love to voice my opinion regarding its future which honestly is not that bright. 

Ten Preditions for 2012:

  1. Gillani will keep his seat : Yes I said it , and how much you hate for me this , but reality won’t change , Gillani will survive the ordeals of the supreme court, unlike musharaff he is a politician and not an administrator. Though how much we wish he would have been an effective administrator but he is an effective politician. Sidelining sovereignty , Aspirations of the common man  , Gillani rides on a strong and contend parliament and will need some miracle to knock him off his perch.
  2. Inflation will rise : Yes I don’t know the stats , but I know our rulers well enough. Inflation will increase despite some good economic conditions emerging. How will you expect the government to lower prices at the expense of their own prado’s etc ( Gillani I still remember that you promised to use a cultux and then later u went for a corolla but you never mentioned land Cruiser ).
  3. Hina Rabbani Khar will succeed where others failed : Khar is talented , there is no doubt about that. Though she lacks the persona of Qureshi and his precedents , she brings the women edge to the table. Her Russia visit will succeed and ties with India will gradually improve. Though a slight problem might be her carelessness to the issue of sovereignty.
  4. Imran the game changer : Now this is the most difficult to predict. Imran’s khan rise to fame has left many in the parliament wondering about their future. Especially after the inclusion of hashmi , Tahreek e Insaf has emerged as a big party . But with only Imran taking the top most position with no family members , one must wonder about the loyality of Qureshi , Swati , Tareen and other . For 2012 , I predict a huge sponsored propaganda against Imran on the media . However, if khan shows patience and some political instincts , he is well placed at the top slot for the PM position next elections .
  5.  Qadri will be freed : As grim as it may look to the liberals , I also don’t want this to happen. Though I am not a huge fan of Taseer and blame him and his party for the current state of affairs , but I have no proof of blasphemy on him and neither will the court. However , some sponsored elements will ensure that Qadri survives . I am not against Qadri , had Qadri killed for the love of Prophet , then he did one of the most noble things (sorry liberals ) but I have no proof against Taseer. Qadri should die for some and shaheed for others . Let Allah decide his fate and same goes for Taseer.
  6. Shahbaz Taseer / Shehrbano Taseer will enter Punjab Politics : PPP is in deep troubles and they need a savior and what better than those teary Shehrbano eyes. And as her tears flows , so will the hearts of the common man in Lahore and some name saving for PPPP atleast.
  7. Musharraf will return to realize he is Mr. Who : As angry as it may make the APML workers , but the reality is whenever Musharraf returns he will be disappointed . Though he was an amazing administrator but his shortcomings on political front especially on Laal Masjid issue,Supreme court and that ridiculous NRO will hurt him deeply. My advice to Mushi , stay there bro J
  8. Misbah- The Man : Yes I said it to all the afridi fanatics , Misbah is and will be the king . This year expect more stability more wins and more ‘TUKS’ from Misbah as he cruises Pakistani Cricket team to the number one spot . Do expect a couple of resignations as well .
  9. One more Pakistani will break the Olevels / Alevels record : I never get the fascination of giving ridiculous amount of Alevels Olevels Papers . Seriously , what does one achieve ,  ultimately a good student and one with 24 – 25 As end up in the same university . Oh sorry I forgot Unless you are Mr. Ali Moeen  Nawazish , you will be paid to represent the youth which despises you for increasing their parents expectation .suddenly 9 As in Olevels isn’t good enough
  10. And Lastly ; this is not a prediction this is a fact that  I know , Fawad Khan , that famous husband in the slowest soap opera of all time will emerge as a major star of Pakistani Industry , By 2013, Pakistan will have its own Shahrukh Khan .


  1. we all should concentrate at our own leave all to Allah Almighty........ we should discuss n solve all our internal problems as problems of our own homes.... which we dont normally share with peers even...... BE PAKISTANI....... n A GOOD MUSLIM.......

  2. WE SAID BROTHER..... I M PROUD TO BE A pakistani.......

  3. hope all prediction will going true without all about leaders prediction....;)

  4. Predictions for 2012 is that about i think imran is new leader for pakistanies


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