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Legen wait for it .... dary ..

23 march 1940 , Quaid to Iqbal “ Bro we need to get our act straight …. We need a new land …. What do u say??”

Iqbal “ OMG !!! I was just thinking the same thing … this will be legend wait for it dary ….. we can name it mmmmmmm….pure land … what u say ??”

Quaid “ Nice Idea bro …. But we need to make a brounion for this …. We need every one united for this …In a broath I must say …. I don’t think the Pushtoon would want to take the oath and so wont the bangalis…. Bro we need to do sth”

And Iqbal shook his head in seriousness and said “ We are one and one alone …. Jinnah we are all bros “. Suddenly the mood changed and Iqbal again spoke “ what is so common among all of us, just a religion and …… nothing I guess …. Maybe cricket …”. Jinnah had a confused expression on his face … what exactly was iqbal trying to say ….. “ what the hell Iqbal…. Cant u be more clear …. U are so confusing “ said chaudry rehmat ali and eyes turned towards iqbal….

Iqbal sat down, looking at all their worried expressions … and then said “ If you think I propose the two nation theory because of religion , region etc … then man u are mistaken … you are mistaken at my proposal …I only propose one thing and that is free air… freedom … change yoy!!!”

“but then what to do about that crying whining Bacha khan …. That dude knows his shit man … and what about other princely state…. How can we represent them “ Jinnah asked Iqbal.” We do nothing man, we let people feel the breath of fresh air, a sight of change , revolution, hope and they will follow .. you know what I mean bro. And Bacha khan and others can be loved and respected what so ever, but deep down people know that we rose above ethnic issues man look at us … me a sialkoti , u a whining karachiite , and then there is the UP boy Liaquat , don’t be shy my dark fazl ul haq, u have the task to move the resolution .. Yo … u should do it since you have the seat bro … “ and fazl ul haq and Iqbal high five. “ and my Punjabi friend Rehmat … boy you have the best job … u will name this country Pakistan “.

“but man I don’t think I can lead this country” Jinnah Murmured ….”boy you need not care , I swear no matter what u do ,  u will be the  best leader Pakistan will ever get.”

As I write this conversation, I see hope and optimism in only Iqbal which was not shared by Jinnah or other shying Muslim league leaders but they did proceed to pass the resolution two years after Iqbals death. But Iqbal Imagined more , he imagined a free state where we can live freely as muslims , a state symbolizing the greatness of Islamic Ummah and unfortunately we end up a converse of that. We lost half of us in 1971 and it is expected that we will loose Balouchistan soon, then Sindh , Karachi , kpk etc. Divided by provincial and ethnic lines we are all paving the way for division of Pakistan. Whether it be the demands of a new province, or hyping or hiding realities in Balochistan, or the writings on the walls, or the unfairness in wealth distribution and lack of ethics , we Pakistani’s have left no stone unturned. We whine of what is wrong with Pakistan, nothing is wrong with Pakistan , its us who are wrong. We expect to keep Pakistan united and then vote for ANP , PPP , PML N , MQM  etc those who thrive on ethnic vote . And we vote for them for our benefit but not of this land of pure . You must imagine how angry Iqbal is that he came to me to give you this message , in the tone the superficial youth will understand.

And Iqbal Says “ boys and girls, u look awesome with ur spiked hair and duppatta less clothes , boy you look like a dawg bro and the girl standing with u is sexy mate … She does cry when Asher throws Khirad out …. But did she ever cried when a small boy in balochistan was murdered, when women were raped in Sindh in the name of honor , and when a fake peer ended up disgracing Punjabi women and when in fata drones kill 100 each day , did she weep when a hard working pan wala was shot dead on ethnic basis , when the bhatta khor demanded millions from a man and he decided to leave the city. So bro tell ur sexy girl friend to get her act together. And you my dog , stop forwarding memon pathan jokes, stop saying sindhis are thieves , stop blaming Punjab , and care for Balochistan for once… …. Cause boy their chief minister at least doesn’t ….. take care bro and party hard …. Make this night legen wait for it dary …..”

I don’t believe in the youth of this country but iqbal does … he also believed in 1930’s and look at the result …


  1. I think that all the improvements and changes belong to the beliefs and faiths one has. Including the Nation Pakistan. We have unfortunately forgotten what is ours and what is not. And we have also forgotten very much completely what our ancestors wanted us to teach.
    I think that what Iqbal was saying in that resolution is nothing close to what we have understood it today. His declaration and demand of a separate state was in fact a "part" of the whole Speech he gave on 23rd march. Before coming to that point he commented on the secular west and the grave conditions that Muslims are facing and problems that Islam is passing through. Please read the whole resolution of Iqbal and then decide what is needed the most by our society. He wanted "us" to revive Islam that has lost its identity in the face of modernity and we have lost comprehension of what is needed. Iqbal wanted "us" to find the answers and he wanted "us" to present to the world the true ideologies on which we the humans have to plan our actions and and have to pave the future.
    But we have forgotten all that and we focus is only the surface of the problems and not the roots. and certainly we cannot come out of these until or unless we do not break the chains of slavery and think freely and innovate in pursuance for better future.
    you can read the complete resolution here:

  2. probably the most awesome-est post I've read in a while..!

  3. Nothing new, nothing impressive, very surface level ideas.

    1. thankyou for your valuable contributions


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