Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Miss Chinoy is not the changing face of Pakistani women

While many were lost in the glitz and glamour of the Oscars whose relevance for Pakistan was greater than ever. Daughter of the nation, Miss Chinoy was in line for success which she achieved against all odds and that too in the coveted short films category one that has seen the likes of many big names in the industry
While many may rue on the heroics of miss chinoy , I am sorry , I don’t give her due credit. Miss Chinoy is not the changing Pakistani women. She is barely close to that . Born and raised in an affluent family with liberal morals and codes , she resembles a small segment of the society which actually cares less about the poors dwindling here and there on the road and are first to complain on beggary , prostitution and such crimes but are the last to give a solution.
We Pakistani’s ,especially the blog reading masses love to neglect the harsh reality , the Jompharies just aside a famous Mcdonalds or Hardees chains. We are those individuals that despite knowing all about the energy crises barely make an effort to adjust the thermosets of our air conditioners. We do whine about the increasing inflation yet still are the first to raise prices 20 percent when the added inflated costs is only 10 percent.

We do whine about closing industries yet still we are the first to import luxury cars from abroad. We do make documentaries about the horrendous acts being committed against women in Pakistan , but despite having all the resources we fail to initiate a rehabilitation program.

Pakistani women have done some amazing work, people like Mrs Edhi , that aunty who owns a free tandur, the enaunch that teaches quran to more than 400 students everyday without a cost. No Matter how desperately we need heroes , Miss chinoy is still way off the mark, dressed in a designer suit , she resembles all that Is wrong with the superficial middle and upper class of this land of pure.

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