Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A superficial Nation

Let’s admit it , we are an awful, racist , imaginary , divided ,and an inhumane nation. I give a mocking smile to all those who brag about the greatness of Pakistani’s or even Islam for that matter. 65 years of existence like an uncivilized human is what we are capable of. A daily glance at a newspaper(the one which hides most of the atrocities) will tell you a fair share of the dreadfulness and horridness of this so called nation.

For all those who are too impervious and superficial to actually glance at a news paper ; News Flash : Rape is common in Pakistan , women are paraded naked due to family rivalries , a fake peer is making women pregnant, a black magician is eating deceased and running away with their bones , and yes Miss Maya is also on hunt for any couples dating. All in all morals and ethics seems a distant entity for all the residents of this land of pure.

If you are still too consumed about the lawn exhibitions , Premier league matches , concerts ,and dance parites , News flash for you as well , we are on a verge of another 1971. The problems In Baluchistan are a reality while we wonder how humsafar will end or when the major lawn exhibition is scheduled. And yes for all those poor souls who are not consumed by work or lawn exhibitions; they contribute their fair share in this ordeal by instilling the greatness of being a pathan ,Muhajir , Baluchi , Punjabi etc in their younger ones.

Lets come to the game changers, the youth , the savior and whatever you may call them. For those who are politically active, creation of a new province or even a new country is their major goal. The remaining however are too consumed in buying gifts for their better halves or planning their next day out with friends. Spending corruption money or even sometimes halal fathers income is what that consumes the metropolises youth with their superficial brands and lavish restaurants etc while a small child searches for signs of food in the dumster which is actually filled with 2 -3 dead embryos.

And then Imran comes up , shouting for revolution , change etc. But what has he achieved and what will he achieve with this nation that is too consumed in their quest for money , things and commodities. A nation that tops the list for porn searches , the only nation that has had three top players banned for curroption , the only nation where karo kari is still existing , and the only nation that let Mukhtara Mais rapist go free. And then there is miss chinoy , a true representative of this nation. What media and the west loves to call as the changing face of Pakistani women. Sadly she is hardly close to that , she is the changing face of the superficial and self-absorbed middle and upper class of this country.

Nations are not build on designer wears, hardees burgers , facebook activation or Humsafar , they are built on strong morals and education and unfortunately the superficial Pakistan has left both of them. While HEC suffers its last days , we tend to wonder how much Asher will cry or how early will I reach to get a lawn suit. For me , A Pakistani women used to be more than that.

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