Thursday, 12 April 2012

I cry every single day

I cry every single day at what unfolds to these eyes, I can’t dream of what has occurred in the past 20 years , I have suffered too much , yet still I somehow live among all the atrocities. I am like a working father who works his socks of day in day out and is suffering from cancer now, yet no one cares . those who feed on me or rely on me care less about murders then electricity , while I stood  ground every day whether it be for Baluchistan , Interior Sindh , Drones etc. 

What is my fault I wonder someday, am I so ugly and disgusting that I am owned by none. With blood soaking leechers looting me day in day out , it’s sad that they don’t care of their fellows and every day internally I bleed.  I bleed so hard yet still I myself don’t know how I stand up again, the next day and start running because I need to run if this country needs to progress. I am old , over populated , polluted and filled with blood and violence while onlookers look at my situation. 

I just wonder at times that even God is surprised at me , I wonder if this is worse than hell at times , surely if there is hell on this planet its either in Palestine or Karachi . but then as soon as I give up my hope and start to die , a child rises from the ashes running towards a better future, he studies at day time , gives tuition in evening and takes tuition at night. How can I deny that bright light a chance to live , a  chance to progress and I gather all my courage and stand .

I would love to go back to my humble abode , but this country needs me standing , its difficult but I need to carry on and take this country along. So bring whatever you have , I have seen worse now, my people have seen worse now yet still their attitude is unimaginable. So while you make fun of my populace for their lack of grammar , for their love of MQM, PPP, ANP , please do note they work 200 days way way harder than you work in all 365 hartal freee days.

So karachiites pull your socks up , and put on your Qafn , because every day is a war for you , or you can change and denounce every single nationalistic party ,whether it be that dancing Altaf’s MQM, that so called Aman Committee’s PPP , or that heroine seller shahi Syed’s ANP . Karachiites its high time we decide to change cause if we don’t Karachi can one day be so sick that he wont stand up , imagine what will Pakistan do then.

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