Friday, 2 November 2012

The Karachi Dream

Its soaked in blood from head to toe , In screams it still moves , in chaos it still thrives , in tears it still lingers on , no doubt its called the city of lights , no doubt its called Karachi. Karachi has always been unique and its demographics even more unique. The hub of trade , the hub of gambling , the hub of Stocks and the hub of crime, Karachi for the past 20 years has always been a source of hope and inspiration for me. Even in these dark times, Karachi just can’t seem to give in to the mediocrity of the remaining Pakistan , for many in Karachi , still time is money , still there is hope , still there is a tomorrow to look forward to.
Travelling all over Pakistan and seeing the agricultural boom in the rural sector specially thanks to ill managed policies of the PPP government, I imagined hope may linger in the eyes of these rurals but their brutal natured eyes showed no signs of hope or change. Karachi on the other hand in spite of all tortures it has endured during the past 4 years still has hope. Still the boy at zainab market stands tall from dawn to dusk ( 11 – 2am :P) in hope of earning an extra 100 bugs from a defence based aunty enough to have a new mobile card or whatever he likes.  For him that 100 extra bucks he will make by staying up till 2 in the morning is what that matters regardless of the security situation. 

Still there is a boy in liyari that makes ground passes to a wall a million times a day. He sees himself as the next messi . tough he whines about the security and ethnical cleansing but travels each day via two different busses to a sports ground on the far end of the city just to show his talent and get nothing in return. He still dreams big , still thinks about the possibility of his name on a manunited or a brazil shirt (tough that is pretty much impossible  but who can make him understand that ).

And there is that guy from NED , who presumes he is the best engineer in the world. A reflection on his degree plan will state other wise but does he care. For him , nothing is impossible, travelling in busses each day , he is on the top of the world  regardless of the thorny road that lay ahead.
Competition is so fierce in Karachi but there is always hope for merit remaining here. The spirit of Karachi lies in merit, those who have worked hard , have dared to put their lives in danger have succeeded and this city has rewarded them. They are now the owners CEOs , media moughals etc , but mostly due to merit. Whether it be medicine , Engineering , Buisiness , Media, or even Target killing , Karachi has seen merit being rewarded and that is inspiration for the common man in Pakistan.

Sadly things are changing for the worse as those stuck in their bungalow’s change the traditions of Karachi with references preferences and discrimination. The hope of Karachi is not endangered by gangsters , target killing , lack of education , dirty politics and growing population but by those in Karachi who actually lived the Karachi dream. It is endangered only by disregard of merit by those who were initially rewarded for their hard work and merit by Karachi. In reality no one from outside is destroying Karachi’s hope , its dream is shattered by those who have actually lived the Karachi dream and want to by pass merit by giving it to their acquaintances.

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