Friday, 2 November 2012

The Karachi Dream

Its soaked in blood from head to toe , In screams it still moves , in chaos it still thrives , in tears it still lingers on , no doubt its called the city of lights , no doubt its called Karachi. Karachi has always been unique and its demographics even more unique. The hub of trade , the hub of gambling , the hub of Stocks and the hub of crime, Karachi for the past 20 years has always been a source of hope and inspiration for me. Even in these dark times, Karachi just can’t seem to give in to the mediocrity of the remaining Pakistan , for many in Karachi , still time is money , still there is hope , still there is a tomorrow to look forward to.
Travelling all over Pakistan and seeing the agricultural boom in the rural sector specially thanks to ill managed policies of the PPP government, I imagined hope may linger in the eyes of these rurals but their brutal natured eyes showed no signs of hope or change. Karachi on the other hand in spite of all tortures it has endured during the past 4 years still has hope. Still the boy at zainab market stands tall from dawn to dusk ( 11 – 2am :P) in hope of earning an extra 100 bugs from a defence based aunty enough to have a new mobile card or whatever he likes.  For him that 100 extra bucks he will make by staying up till 2 in the morning is what that matters regardless of the security situation. 

Still there is a boy in liyari that makes ground passes to a wall a million times a day. He sees himself as the next messi . tough he whines about the security and ethnical cleansing but travels each day via two different busses to a sports ground on the far end of the city just to show his talent and get nothing in return. He still dreams big , still thinks about the possibility of his name on a manunited or a brazil shirt (tough that is pretty much impossible  but who can make him understand that ).

And there is that guy from NED , who presumes he is the best engineer in the world. A reflection on his degree plan will state other wise but does he care. For him , nothing is impossible, travelling in busses each day , he is on the top of the world  regardless of the thorny road that lay ahead.
Competition is so fierce in Karachi but there is always hope for merit remaining here. The spirit of Karachi lies in merit, those who have worked hard , have dared to put their lives in danger have succeeded and this city has rewarded them. They are now the owners CEOs , media moughals etc , but mostly due to merit. Whether it be medicine , Engineering , Buisiness , Media, or even Target killing , Karachi has seen merit being rewarded and that is inspiration for the common man in Pakistan.

Sadly things are changing for the worse as those stuck in their bungalow’s change the traditions of Karachi with references preferences and discrimination. The hope of Karachi is not endangered by gangsters , target killing , lack of education , dirty politics and growing population but by those in Karachi who actually lived the Karachi dream. It is endangered only by disregard of merit by those who were initially rewarded for their hard work and merit by Karachi. In reality no one from outside is destroying Karachi’s hope , its dream is shattered by those who have actually lived the Karachi dream and want to by pass merit by giving it to their acquaintances.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Mother, I died ...

My mother I died , I died today with all my aspirations and belief and hope , I died today with a change in sight, I died today for you mom , I died today for Quaid, I died for those 180 million that didn’t care about me and I died because for me it was not a matter of their safety , their betterment, but only yours mom. Mom , I live in every city , in every district , in every village of yours.

Mom, I am the common man, the common soldier , the common teacher , the common blue collar employee , the common white collared employee , the common kissan, the common business man. There is only one thing common in all of us and that is common. We are all common and common is our love for you.
Mom , you may think that your more outspoken sons are your true representatives , you may think those loud mouthed separatist are from your womb , you may think you nursed all the terrorists , you may think you changed the diapers of all those corrupt individuals , and you may think that you called these traitors your son. No mother , they never were , they never are and they never will belong to you. But mom , I do , I still see heaven beneath ur old feet , I still see you becoming the greatest country in the world.
Mom, I am putting efforts day in day out for your betterment, though they may be insignificant , they may be small and they may be selfish on my part . Mom, I am that farmer that works 9 – 6 every day to earn an honest living and provide food for my family and contribute to this economic cycle. Mom, I am the CEO of the company that despite losses in the last two years, somehow is still producing products in this country. Mom , I am that peon in that group that despite all hardship , never misses a day of work since I need to feed my family but in reality I help you by contributing to your economic cycle. Mom , I am that failing student , that despite all odds wont cheat and prefer to fail or get low marks, Mom one day I will make you proud. Mom , I am that employee in an oil drilling company that works 20 days on field away from my home to earn good money for my family and make sure that my children study. Mom , I am that housewife that despite being uneducated all my life scolds my child for getting low marks and making sure he goes to school each day. Mom, I am that Massi (Sweeper) that works in two houses to earn a fair living and contribute to my family meager earnings. Mom I am that shopkeeper that tries really hard each day to keep prices in control in this hyper inflating environment. Mom , I am that café owner that despite having fixed deposits and all, refuses to close down my café since it will require firing your employees. Mom , I am that rairee wala in sadder , that pays bribe each day so that I can keep my stall in sadder , but trust me mom , that is my only alternative and it is better then stealing and curroption.  Mom , I am that doctor that despite having lucrative offers from private hospitals , still work at a government hospital . Yes I am rude at times , and sometimes I don’t do justice to my profession but mom I do try.

Mom , I am that police officer that does take bribe. Yes mom, I am your evil son , but trust me mother time has made me like this. I hate this Mom , I try to change each time but what to do.  You need to believe that I try my maximum to help , yes my salary is low and sometimes I do take it but believe me mother, I will change one day , when I can get rid of this system . Pray for me Mom.

Mom , I am that politician that you despise. Yes , you hate me I know it. I don’t really hate you . There is still a part in me that wants to work for you. I know I have done unspeakable things in chase of power. I have sold your dignity day in day out. Just before dying I realize my atrocities , forgive me mother. I never meant to be this awefull but circumstances and my own satans got the better of me. Mom , I will change some day , someday I will help your other sons , someday I will take a stand and sometimes mom I do , I do take good steps as you recently saw. Mom you need to pray for me.

Mom, I am the worst of the lot. I am the target killer/ extremist / drug dealer / Separatist etc . Mom , I have done harm to you , I know and maybe till now I am not in even sorry and to be honest I don’t care. You have been good to me , but do I really care mother.  I am too big a devil to come back , I now have a huge ego that wont let me revert.  Mom I know , I killed 1000 of your other good sons ,and I let you down day in day out . I happily slaughtered men , women and children alike.  I tortured those good for nothing policemen , but most importantly the common man.  Mom , I am not really ashamed even. Some in me however are , only brainwashed with anger and political dramas , but they share the equal blame.  I know mom , I am the root of the most evil , I have sold u day in day out , killed your good sons , and will break u in half with no remorse on my side.  I may have my reasons wihich you even know about , some are drone attacks ,some mental illness, sometimes money , sometimes injustice , and sometimes my need for separation. Mom I am too much down the road , foreign and internal forces have driven me this far that now I am not even ashamed. So Mom , I am that villan , you love to hate. 

Well, have we ever wondered what our mother thinks ? Does the blame only land with the last lot , the worst lot , blamed for everything . No dear it doesn’t , he is just an actor in a stage set by all of us , by all the hard workers, all my honest lovers who day in day out do something or other to fuel this fire. Day in day out you vote and support the corrupt politicians , who in turn feul the separatist and while it may sound ridiculous to the common man , you are the one to be blamed . When the common man gives its quiet support to sectarianism and ethnicism . When you vote for ethinic or curropt political parties , when you let 128 soldiers dies in siachen without even a sign of remorse , when you the common man say nothing about that child dying in Baluchistan and Sindh , when you the hardworking common man could riot about electricity but not riot about my sovereignty , when you the common man remain in your humble abode when 25 of my soldiers died in salala. When you the common man remains quiet at every Pashtun or muhajir killed in Karachi , when you the common man stays quiet at all the atrocities in Baluchishtan , when you the common man doesn’t support the peasant whose child is tortured ,raped daily at the hands of the feudal , when you the common man wants to create a province for your benefit , when you the common man wants discrimination between provinces ,cities etc, when you the common man in Lahore is whining at how ridiculous an ethnicity is in Karachi , and when you in Karachi whines about Punjabi domination. When you the common man , did not let his / her son /daughter marry in another ethnicity, when you the common man keeps prejudices , when you the common man discriminates on sects and ethnicity , and when you the common man in minority whines about atrocities on your own segment disregarding all others Pakistani that have dies , and when you the common man in majority gives your silent nod to the atrocities against minorities. And yes you the common editor of Express Tribune/ The News / Dawn that wont publish this blog , because some way or other you perceive this as less important then minority issues , gay /lesbian rights, women issues , acid , army , Judiciary bashing , PTI Bashing and support and obviously Zardari and Rehman Malik .

Friday, 8 June 2012

And Why do i cry

And why do I cry :
You ask me , why do I whine , why do I cry day in day out in front of these deaf ears where pin drop silence prevail. Illusional youth, disloyal leaders , no unity and yet still somehow there is glucose in my vein , there is some life left in me , there is some hope in me . Yes I am in my death bed but there is a slight hope a surgery that can save my life. Save me from this abyss and make me the great that I was meant to be .

I am Pakistan and I am dying . Dying at every single mothers cry for help for his bullet drilled son , dying at every single tear on the eyes of a drone victum , dying at the apathy for me by a Baluchi Youth , dying at every single foreigner ridiculing my sovereignty , dying at every step this democratically elected government takes to shroud my dignity to bits and pieces , dying at every gasp of last breath my brave son takes giving his life for my cause , dying at every single new province chant , dying at every single barely dressed women, dying at every single hunger driven youth , dying at every single hand that is raised for begging , dying at every single child that is murdered in the name of karo kari, dying at every single rape victums cry for help , dying at every single peer or baba that tricks women in to unspeakable things , dying at every time a feudal lord slaps his forced slave , dying  at every son that leaves me for better opportunities abroad . I have many reasons to die and believe me they are too many yet still somehow I live, some how I survive.

One must wonder where I live , where I still survive . I still live in the heart of that brave soldier that forsakes his life for my cause , of every strict professor that spends years teaching my youth , of  every hardworking government officer that refuses bribe no matter how less his salary is ,  of every businessman that despite all odds still does business here if he has to incur losses , of every hardworking student that studies from dawn till dusk so that one day he/she can serve me , of every political worker that entered politics for my cause rather than provincial or ethnic reason , of every artist that paints a picture of me , of every teacher that is honest to their profession , of every engineer that is proud of the product he made in my land , of every chartered accountant who is honest and true . There are many individuals in Pakistan who still care for me , still love me .

On my death bed , I only plead to them for the last time , to forgo provincial and ethnic benefits and work for ur land , Pakistan . I am too sick to even speak , so please speak for me , so please become my voice, because if you will not protect me from this cancer of provincialism and ethnic-ism, the day is not far that I won’t be able to breathe. The doctors have already given up on me but it’s you that still give me hope ,still drive me , please don’t let me go , don’t demand provincial or ethnic rights , demand Pakistani Rights .

Sunday, 13 May 2012

And for the first time

And for the first time , I write about myself , my anxiety , my life and succumbs in to the temptation of personification of me myself and I. But I do have valued reasons, yet still a guilt inside me kills in half that I am spending the next 20 minutes writing a personal article rather than one concerning this lost cause nation. Or have I lost complete hope in it.

Well after all, it’s not a personal essay; at least I have convinced myself after thinking for a minute or two. Recently I was subjected to blatant discrimination and ridicule when the post I deserved based on my credentials or hard work was given to an individual, who according to the higher ups could become great today while I may diminish in mediocrity. And I stared at the level of apathy and lack of interest on their faces as they announced a life changing decision and within seconds all my aspirations and dreams were brutally choked. I reflected on all my work and how less it was worth to those dready and power ridden eyes.
Have we lost emotions ? have we lost the general human courtesy to do justice? Have we lost every dignity? Has life made us so strong that now feelings and hard work are non-determining factors and only friendships and likeability factors dominate, while we bust our ass in achieving our aspirations? And the million dollar question Did I deserve all this?
It took me some time to realize that I did, I am a quiet Pakistani and I definitely deserved that. For years we have been dwindling in silence while we witness abuse ridicule and unfairness all along. We see favors being exchanged every single day. And not to mention our lack of ethical and moral sense for cheating and forging in our papers and projects.

Yet, still we claim to be the best in the world at whatever we do , the best nation on this planet, the savior of Islamic ummah. We were never great , we can never be great when a small leadership post is not given on hard work and potential but as a personal favour or image solidification. And not to mention Jobs and industries who solely rely on references and favours rather than hardwork and credentials. Our hiring process in most industries is based on outer looks rather that the capabilities of that individuals.

This discrimination leads to Hina Rabbani Khar being nominated as the foreign secretary , Sharmila Farooqi as the savior of Sindh  and various other notable good for nothing officials in the political and industrial structure. It is that image that Benazir Is worshiped for rather than her work which were very less indeed. It is this personification of individuals that has made Bhutto a hero , Nusrat Bhutto the queen and the assassinated president Zia the villan. How long will we accept this personification, till when we will accept Bilawal or others being imposed as our leaders and fights election from the most troubled constituency in Pakistan while he is in England enjoying with the white voluptuous babes.

As I stay quiet at the injustice so will u , and so will my society and thus Pakistan suffer.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

I cry every single day

I cry every single day at what unfolds to these eyes, I can’t dream of what has occurred in the past 20 years , I have suffered too much , yet still I somehow live among all the atrocities. I am like a working father who works his socks of day in day out and is suffering from cancer now, yet no one cares . those who feed on me or rely on me care less about murders then electricity , while I stood  ground every day whether it be for Baluchistan , Interior Sindh , Drones etc. 

What is my fault I wonder someday, am I so ugly and disgusting that I am owned by none. With blood soaking leechers looting me day in day out , it’s sad that they don’t care of their fellows and every day internally I bleed.  I bleed so hard yet still I myself don’t know how I stand up again, the next day and start running because I need to run if this country needs to progress. I am old , over populated , polluted and filled with blood and violence while onlookers look at my situation. 

I just wonder at times that even God is surprised at me , I wonder if this is worse than hell at times , surely if there is hell on this planet its either in Palestine or Karachi . but then as soon as I give up my hope and start to die , a child rises from the ashes running towards a better future, he studies at day time , gives tuition in evening and takes tuition at night. How can I deny that bright light a chance to live , a  chance to progress and I gather all my courage and stand .

I would love to go back to my humble abode , but this country needs me standing , its difficult but I need to carry on and take this country along. So bring whatever you have , I have seen worse now, my people have seen worse now yet still their attitude is unimaginable. So while you make fun of my populace for their lack of grammar , for their love of MQM, PPP, ANP , please do note they work 200 days way way harder than you work in all 365 hartal freee days.

So karachiites pull your socks up , and put on your Qafn , because every day is a war for you , or you can change and denounce every single nationalistic party ,whether it be that dancing Altaf’s MQM, that so called Aman Committee’s PPP , or that heroine seller shahi Syed’s ANP . Karachiites its high time we decide to change cause if we don’t Karachi can one day be so sick that he wont stand up , imagine what will Pakistan do then.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

I have a dream ...

I have a dream …. I have hope … I have optimism …. I still breathe … I still move and somehow this city still lives. Karachi is an unusual beast, with numbers churning each day this city copes up with all that with poise and composure. Obviously, with years of experience comes patience, tolerance and carelessness. But Karachi is unusual , we are still humans , but with a different attitude. The populace can mourn the losses of fellow karachiites , yet still goes to work each day whether it be their heroic escapes through firings in liyari , or burning tires in kharadar , the common man has seen and done it all.

The commoner no matter how frustrated , how hopeless , and how poor he may be, still gets the energy to pick himself up when KESC and his children has messed with his head like anything. He still somehow stands tall and gets in to a bus which again is run by a mafia and charges him ridiculous amount and doesn’t stop at his bus stop. He jumps from the moving bus and barely makes it alive. Somehow, that man/women still has that energy in him to run to his work place where his boss will slam him for coming 5 minute late, on a day when the death toll would have reached double figures. 

So now he starts his work , handling 5 –6 files and projects a single day and with big aspirations and hope of a promotion, he does everything possible in a single day that one would do in a week. He makes those calls immediately, rather than waiting, gets his orders and in the middle of the day he is called in by his boss. The boss dumps three more jobs in his belt and asks for a status within 4 hours. The lad works his socks off get them all done and as he reaches the last file, his wife calls and he responds to her request to go for shopping tonight. No is not an option for the lad , and he nods in approval as the phone hangs up without him actually speaking a word. He is almost finished doing his final file and his 4th cup of tea for the day, when his boss brings good news of a new project and tasks him again with major jobs for the next day. Since he has an hour remaining he starts work on the new project and before leaving the office gets done with the last order of the day.
Tired and bruised he again jumps in to a moving bus , barely making it. After paying the inflated bus fares and random talks with the stranger on inflation in theis land of pure. He finally reaches his stop and slowly lingeres to his home on a pitch black road , which obviously has to be blamed on the KESC. As he knocks on the door , his wife all dressed up and ready says , honey lets go and he just nods in approval.

This the daily routine of a common karachiite, one that still works in this lazy country. One that still busts his socks off in the midst of insecurity , inflation and pitch black darkness. Karachi is unusual than other parts of Pakistan, where people are content with their state of affairs , whether it be them earning 20k or 200k but in Karachi we never are. There is a race in Karachi , a race to reach the stars , a race to reach the top, a race to start a new life. With increasing Bhatta Khors, Curroptions , Political Conspiracies, Sindhu Desh demands, the common man never give a darn cause he knows if he leaves his work for a day, he can hamper his dreams… So if only Karachi can dream why can’t others. Why can’t a boy from Balochistan dream to become afridi, why can’t a young pathan dream to become Imran Khan …. 

Pakistan doesn’t need any other imposed heroes like Rehman Malik, Nusrat Bhutto, Benazair Bhutto and the whole ruling elite , when the common man in Pakistan is a hero. Its time cities like Islamabad , Pindi Learn from the city of lights …. And these lights are not the street lights … these lights are lights of hope in the eyes of the common man.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Legen wait for it .... dary ..

23 march 1940 , Quaid to Iqbal “ Bro we need to get our act straight …. We need a new land …. What do u say??”

Iqbal “ OMG !!! I was just thinking the same thing … this will be legend wait for it dary ….. we can name it mmmmmmm….pure land … what u say ??”

Quaid “ Nice Idea bro …. But we need to make a brounion for this …. We need every one united for this …In a broath I must say …. I don’t think the Pushtoon would want to take the oath and so wont the bangalis…. Bro we need to do sth”

And Iqbal shook his head in seriousness and said “ We are one and one alone …. Jinnah we are all bros “. Suddenly the mood changed and Iqbal again spoke “ what is so common among all of us, just a religion and …… nothing I guess …. Maybe cricket …”. Jinnah had a confused expression on his face … what exactly was iqbal trying to say ….. “ what the hell Iqbal…. Cant u be more clear …. U are so confusing “ said chaudry rehmat ali and eyes turned towards iqbal….

Iqbal sat down, looking at all their worried expressions … and then said “ If you think I propose the two nation theory because of religion , region etc … then man u are mistaken … you are mistaken at my proposal …I only propose one thing and that is free air… freedom … change yoy!!!”

“but then what to do about that crying whining Bacha khan …. That dude knows his shit man … and what about other princely state…. How can we represent them “ Jinnah asked Iqbal.” We do nothing man, we let people feel the breath of fresh air, a sight of change , revolution, hope and they will follow .. you know what I mean bro. And Bacha khan and others can be loved and respected what so ever, but deep down people know that we rose above ethnic issues man look at us … me a sialkoti , u a whining karachiite , and then there is the UP boy Liaquat , don’t be shy my dark fazl ul haq, u have the task to move the resolution .. Yo … u should do it since you have the seat bro … “ and fazl ul haq and Iqbal high five. “ and my Punjabi friend Rehmat … boy you have the best job … u will name this country Pakistan “.

“but man I don’t think I can lead this country” Jinnah Murmured ….”boy you need not care , I swear no matter what u do ,  u will be the  best leader Pakistan will ever get.”

As I write this conversation, I see hope and optimism in only Iqbal which was not shared by Jinnah or other shying Muslim league leaders but they did proceed to pass the resolution two years after Iqbals death. But Iqbal Imagined more , he imagined a free state where we can live freely as muslims , a state symbolizing the greatness of Islamic Ummah and unfortunately we end up a converse of that. We lost half of us in 1971 and it is expected that we will loose Balouchistan soon, then Sindh , Karachi , kpk etc. Divided by provincial and ethnic lines we are all paving the way for division of Pakistan. Whether it be the demands of a new province, or hyping or hiding realities in Balochistan, or the writings on the walls, or the unfairness in wealth distribution and lack of ethics , we Pakistani’s have left no stone unturned. We whine of what is wrong with Pakistan, nothing is wrong with Pakistan , its us who are wrong. We expect to keep Pakistan united and then vote for ANP , PPP , PML N , MQM  etc those who thrive on ethnic vote . And we vote for them for our benefit but not of this land of pure . You must imagine how angry Iqbal is that he came to me to give you this message , in the tone the superficial youth will understand.

And Iqbal Says “ boys and girls, u look awesome with ur spiked hair and duppatta less clothes , boy you look like a dawg bro and the girl standing with u is sexy mate … She does cry when Asher throws Khirad out …. But did she ever cried when a small boy in balochistan was murdered, when women were raped in Sindh in the name of honor , and when a fake peer ended up disgracing Punjabi women and when in fata drones kill 100 each day , did she weep when a hard working pan wala was shot dead on ethnic basis , when the bhatta khor demanded millions from a man and he decided to leave the city. So bro tell ur sexy girl friend to get her act together. And you my dog , stop forwarding memon pathan jokes, stop saying sindhis are thieves , stop blaming Punjab , and care for Balochistan for once… …. Cause boy their chief minister at least doesn’t ….. take care bro and party hard …. Make this night legen wait for it dary …..”

I don’t believe in the youth of this country but iqbal does … he also believed in 1930’s and look at the result …

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Karachi : A warrior with in

Weeping in shadows, drowning in drenching storm, I moved swiftly through the tornado , with one leg injured and a hand bleeding . The physical pain was too much to swallow . Shrouded with atrocities , deceit and lies , I move in midst alone and pray for a better day . Yet against all odds , I keep moving . Logic says I shouldn’t survive, but somehow I do  and I do because I am a Pakistani  and moreover a Karachiite.

I have been a believer of no discrimination of cities but somehow the charm of 'the city of lights' is too much for a Pakistani in me to create some special space for Karachi . Started as Kolachi , no one could have  imagined the monster this beast was destined to be and after a century , Karachi is one of the most populated cities in the world.

There is a special charm of large metropolises like Mumbai , Newyork , Tokyo etc  and Karachi is no exception . There is something special about this beast and that is quite difficult to find . Drenched in target killing , load shedding , Unemployment and poverty , it is difficult to find a positive of Karachi. One may seem the class difference widening more so in Karachi , higher inflation , lack of jobs , but as a true karachiite I can see a ray of hope in the abyss.

Karachi is not special on its own , Its awfull , its  pathetic but karachiites make it special and I am not talking about those infidels who party day in day out and spend all their parents hard earned corruption money on booze and girls . Neither am I talking about those artistically gifted people , who can blab on and on about the aesthetics of a certain painting . Neither am I talking about the couple dating at seaview or better Atrium now . No I am not talking about them . I am talking about that sad grim face that puts a stall in front of Zainab Market . Despite thin economic conditions ,the lads positive attitude is exemplary and despite all odds he still dreams of becoming the market leader in sales 

I am talking about that boy that goes to every car selling a rose , and will compliment on your (girl)friend and you will have to pay the necessary . Despite all hardship , that lad still has that shine in his eyes . He still hopes that one day he will drive that car. I am talking about a famous HalwaPuri vendor who raised 300 percent prices of halwa but is selling puri at loss so that the unfortunate can have some. He still sees them as his potential customers regardless of how tough it gets . I was talking about Edhi , who never understood the word no and kept on doing what he does best . His accomplishments are exemplary and his never say die attitude is unfound . I was talking about that guy who goes to NED/ Sir Syed / KU every day via bus and to pay all his expenses works at Anees Hussain or other coaching centers. 

I am talking about that kid from lyari who takes two busses to train with a professional club at 7 in the morning .  I am talking about that aunty who sells food for 3 rs in the metropolises. I am talking about that teacher in government school who still goes in day in day out , not caring weather his collegues will be there . I am talking about that massi that despite bullets raging from all corners leaves her house in Khuda ki Bastee and reaches Clifton , works her socks off and tries to earn enough money so that her children could eat. I am talking about that aalim that doesn’t take a single rupee to teach quran to hundreds of children every day. I am talking about that dhabey wala who is always in a mix of how much to raise his prices and how it will effect the common man . And I talk about that bun kubab wala that intelligently starts using smaller buns , smaller patties but makes sure that the price of one bunkabab remains the same.

Karachi is ugly but its common man is beautiful and its them which makes this city of light glow in the dark . The word city of light cant be iradicated by KESC, it’s the commoner of Karachi that makes it glow. Long live hope , long live the oppressed , inflation burdened common man of Karachi . Its only when u leave this city you realize its greatness....

A superficial Nation

Let’s admit it , we are an awful, racist , imaginary , divided ,and an inhumane nation. I give a mocking smile to all those who brag about the greatness of Pakistani’s or even Islam for that matter. 65 years of existence like an uncivilized human is what we are capable of. A daily glance at a newspaper(the one which hides most of the atrocities) will tell you a fair share of the dreadfulness and horridness of this so called nation.

For all those who are too impervious and superficial to actually glance at a news paper ; News Flash : Rape is common in Pakistan , women are paraded naked due to family rivalries , a fake peer is making women pregnant, a black magician is eating deceased and running away with their bones , and yes Miss Maya is also on hunt for any couples dating. All in all morals and ethics seems a distant entity for all the residents of this land of pure.

If you are still too consumed about the lawn exhibitions , Premier league matches , concerts ,and dance parites , News flash for you as well , we are on a verge of another 1971. The problems In Baluchistan are a reality while we wonder how humsafar will end or when the major lawn exhibition is scheduled. And yes for all those poor souls who are not consumed by work or lawn exhibitions; they contribute their fair share in this ordeal by instilling the greatness of being a pathan ,Muhajir , Baluchi , Punjabi etc in their younger ones.

Lets come to the game changers, the youth , the savior and whatever you may call them. For those who are politically active, creation of a new province or even a new country is their major goal. The remaining however are too consumed in buying gifts for their better halves or planning their next day out with friends. Spending corruption money or even sometimes halal fathers income is what that consumes the metropolises youth with their superficial brands and lavish restaurants etc while a small child searches for signs of food in the dumster which is actually filled with 2 -3 dead embryos.

And then Imran comes up , shouting for revolution , change etc. But what has he achieved and what will he achieve with this nation that is too consumed in their quest for money , things and commodities. A nation that tops the list for porn searches , the only nation that has had three top players banned for curroption , the only nation where karo kari is still existing , and the only nation that let Mukhtara Mais rapist go free. And then there is miss chinoy , a true representative of this nation. What media and the west loves to call as the changing face of Pakistani women. Sadly she is hardly close to that , she is the changing face of the superficial and self-absorbed middle and upper class of this country.

Nations are not build on designer wears, hardees burgers , facebook activation or Humsafar , they are built on strong morals and education and unfortunately the superficial Pakistan has left both of them. While HEC suffers its last days , we tend to wonder how much Asher will cry or how early will I reach to get a lawn suit. For me , A Pakistani women used to be more than that.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Miss Chinoy is not the changing face of Pakistani women

While many were lost in the glitz and glamour of the Oscars whose relevance for Pakistan was greater than ever. Daughter of the nation, Miss Chinoy was in line for success which she achieved against all odds and that too in the coveted short films category one that has seen the likes of many big names in the industry
While many may rue on the heroics of miss chinoy , I am sorry , I don’t give her due credit. Miss Chinoy is not the changing Pakistani women. She is barely close to that . Born and raised in an affluent family with liberal morals and codes , she resembles a small segment of the society which actually cares less about the poors dwindling here and there on the road and are first to complain on beggary , prostitution and such crimes but are the last to give a solution.
We Pakistani’s ,especially the blog reading masses love to neglect the harsh reality , the Jompharies just aside a famous Mcdonalds or Hardees chains. We are those individuals that despite knowing all about the energy crises barely make an effort to adjust the thermosets of our air conditioners. We do whine about the increasing inflation yet still are the first to raise prices 20 percent when the added inflated costs is only 10 percent.

We do whine about closing industries yet still we are the first to import luxury cars from abroad. We do make documentaries about the horrendous acts being committed against women in Pakistan , but despite having all the resources we fail to initiate a rehabilitation program.

Pakistani women have done some amazing work, people like Mrs Edhi , that aunty who owns a free tandur, the enaunch that teaches quran to more than 400 students everyday without a cost. No Matter how desperately we need heroes , Miss chinoy is still way off the mark, dressed in a designer suit , she resembles all that Is wrong with the superficial middle and upper class of this land of pure.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Predictions for 2012

Ten Predictions for 2012 :
Pakistan is one of the most complicated places of the world , You can never contemplate when change is in the air and within seconds situations completely change .Whether it be the 1999 coup , Rise of the Chief Justice , Zia’s plane crash , one must wonder that the people of Pakistan has borne it all  but how wrong can we get. With the country looming in major crises, I would love to voice my opinion regarding its future which honestly is not that bright. 

Ten Preditions for 2012:

  1. Gillani will keep his seat : Yes I said it , and how much you hate for me this , but reality won’t change , Gillani will survive the ordeals of the supreme court, unlike musharaff he is a politician and not an administrator. Though how much we wish he would have been an effective administrator but he is an effective politician. Sidelining sovereignty , Aspirations of the common man  , Gillani rides on a strong and contend parliament and will need some miracle to knock him off his perch.
  2. Inflation will rise : Yes I don’t know the stats , but I know our rulers well enough. Inflation will increase despite some good economic conditions emerging. How will you expect the government to lower prices at the expense of their own prado’s etc ( Gillani I still remember that you promised to use a cultux and then later u went for a corolla but you never mentioned land Cruiser ).
  3. Hina Rabbani Khar will succeed where others failed : Khar is talented , there is no doubt about that. Though she lacks the persona of Qureshi and his precedents , she brings the women edge to the table. Her Russia visit will succeed and ties with India will gradually improve. Though a slight problem might be her carelessness to the issue of sovereignty.
  4. Imran the game changer : Now this is the most difficult to predict. Imran’s khan rise to fame has left many in the parliament wondering about their future. Especially after the inclusion of hashmi , Tahreek e Insaf has emerged as a big party . But with only Imran taking the top most position with no family members , one must wonder about the loyality of Qureshi , Swati , Tareen and other . For 2012 , I predict a huge sponsored propaganda against Imran on the media . However, if khan shows patience and some political instincts , he is well placed at the top slot for the PM position next elections .
  5.  Qadri will be freed : As grim as it may look to the liberals , I also don’t want this to happen. Though I am not a huge fan of Taseer and blame him and his party for the current state of affairs , but I have no proof of blasphemy on him and neither will the court. However , some sponsored elements will ensure that Qadri survives . I am not against Qadri , had Qadri killed for the love of Prophet , then he did one of the most noble things (sorry liberals ) but I have no proof against Taseer. Qadri should die for some and shaheed for others . Let Allah decide his fate and same goes for Taseer.
  6. Shahbaz Taseer / Shehrbano Taseer will enter Punjab Politics : PPP is in deep troubles and they need a savior and what better than those teary Shehrbano eyes. And as her tears flows , so will the hearts of the common man in Lahore and some name saving for PPPP atleast.
  7. Musharraf will return to realize he is Mr. Who : As angry as it may make the APML workers , but the reality is whenever Musharraf returns he will be disappointed . Though he was an amazing administrator but his shortcomings on political front especially on Laal Masjid issue,Supreme court and that ridiculous NRO will hurt him deeply. My advice to Mushi , stay there bro J
  8. Misbah- The Man : Yes I said it to all the afridi fanatics , Misbah is and will be the king . This year expect more stability more wins and more ‘TUKS’ from Misbah as he cruises Pakistani Cricket team to the number one spot . Do expect a couple of resignations as well .
  9. One more Pakistani will break the Olevels / Alevels record : I never get the fascination of giving ridiculous amount of Alevels Olevels Papers . Seriously , what does one achieve ,  ultimately a good student and one with 24 – 25 As end up in the same university . Oh sorry I forgot Unless you are Mr. Ali Moeen  Nawazish , you will be paid to represent the youth which despises you for increasing their parents expectation .suddenly 9 As in Olevels isn’t good enough
  10. And Lastly ; this is not a prediction this is a fact that  I know , Fawad Khan , that famous husband in the slowest soap opera of all time will emerge as a major star of Pakistani Industry , By 2013, Pakistan will have its own Shahrukh Khan .